Unwinding Meridians: Applying Acupuncture Principles to CST Course Description

Learn how to utilize the points and pathways of acupuncture along with the energy, intention and wisdom of your own hands to enhance the effectiveness of your CranioSacral Therapy skills.

Course Highlights:

- Find out how the points and meridians of acupuncture relate to each other and to the cranial rhythm

- Learn to draw connections between the craniosacral system and organs, emotions, sounds, colors, and tastes

- Explore the cranial rhythm of the organs and chakras

- Discover the influential points of Qi, bones, marrow, tendons, organs and blood

- Work with alarm points on the body that can alert you to organic blocks

- Learn about 5 Element and Yin/Yang Theories

- Work with Ah Shi points

Prerequisite: CranioSacral Therapy II

Recommended Advance Study: Illustrated Acupuncture Chart, by Michael Spatuzzi